June 2018

As our passports will soon expire and with Philippe traveling to Belgium in the coming weeks, we needed them to be renewed. Because there is no Embassy or Consulate for Belgians in Texas, a service is offered a couple of times a year. It basically means that you can schedule an appointment with a staff member of the Consulate General who will travel to different cities. He/she caries a mobile kit to capture biometrical data (photo, fingerprints and signature). Unfortunately, by the time we wanted to set an appointment, the flying consul’s agenda was already fully booked. So we had to travel to the nearest Consulate, in our case Atlanta.

We decided to go by car and stop on the way in New Orleans. It had been on my wish list for ages, even before Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005. I was so happy we would finally visit! But as with so many things, the more excited you are and long for something, the more you could be disappointed about the outcome.

Anyway, when you say New Orleans, you say Café Du Monde and beignets. Upon arrival we saw there was a huge line and with rain arriving, we chose not to wait in line for the famous beignets, but explore the most popular streets instead. Unfortunately, the smell in the city was unbearable! We couldn’t point out what it was, something mixed with urine. According to Philippe it could be the water used to clean the streets. It was so disappointing. I didn’t want to eat or drink anything, I just wanted to get out of that stinky smell.

We strolled along Woldenberg Park and payed hommage to the “Monument to the Immigrant” because, after all, that’s what we are. We went for a walk along the Mississippi River, took some pictures and made it just in time to the Aududon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium before the rain came pouring down.


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