Laura Plantation

June 2018

After visiting the Butterfly Garden we headed out to the Laura Plantation. We wanted the girls to know about life in the 19th century and especially about the lives of slaves. The Laura Sugar Plantation seemed perfect to do so.

Although it was a guided tour and the guide did an amazing job, I wish he would have gone more into depth explaining the lives of the slaves living on the plantation. But the girls got a pretty good idea of how it was at that time. I must admit they were very quiet and bewildered about how someone could treat another human being in ways they could never imagine.

The premises were well maintained and the flora was absolutely beautiful. There was a cute little gift shop were we bought “praliné liqueur” and a children’s book called “Compair Lapin”. It’s about traditional Creole folktale featuring a mischievous rabbit named Compair Lapin. I’m looking forward to reading it to the girls as a bedtime story once school has started again.

If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by. I would highly recommend this plantation.

Before leaving Louisiana and heading for Atlanta, we did get our fix of beignets though 🙂


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