Total solar eclipse – day 5

Tuesday August 22nd

We left Dallas around 10 am. There were lots of road works along our way home. We didn’t hear the girls complain, they were drawing what they had experienced the day before. I must say I was quite surprised with the outcome :-).

Philippe has always been very fascinated about the universe in general. He has bookmarked Fred Espenak’s website as one of his favorites since he was 28 years old, which means a long long time ago :-)! Fred Espenak (also referred to as Mr. Eclipse) is a retired NASA astrophysicist. He is best known for his work on eclipse predictions. As of today, he has always been right with his calculations. If you want to learn about future eclipses (lunar, solar or planetary transits) click here.

Another website Philippe used a lot is one where you could see how long the eclipse would last depending on where you were situated. Here is a link if you want to check it out, just zoom in and click beween the two red lines. A circle will appear with all the necessary information. Very fascinating!

While driving through Arkansas, we saw a sign for “Hope”, President William (Bill) Clinton’s birthplace. Unfortunately we had no time to stop because the girls wanted to show Philippe the inside of a Buccee’s (he didn’t join us inside the superstore on our way to Nashville). We stayed for 40 minutes because there was so much to see but we could easily have stayed another hour!

It was a nice break. I’m not sad the girls missed 2 days of school! They have learned so much more during our short break. In Austin there was only a partial eclipse and the students were not allowed to go outside for liability reasons.

The next one will be in 2024 (April 8th). We are already very excited about it 🙂 especially Hanne because it’s just one day after her birthday.

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