Total solar eclipse – day 3

Sunday August 20th

We had a good night sleep despite the couple in the room next door fighting (cursing) till late at night.

Of course we forgot our cooler and accessories, as well as our folding chairs at home so we had to buy new ones. Once we were all set, the girls couldn’t wait to see all the animals at the Nashville Zoo.

I must admit this is one of the most marvelous zoos I’ve ever seen! It’s not gigantic, but the landscaping was so lovely and well maintained. The animals have so much foliage in their big cages which protects them from the sun rays. We saw plants we had in our front and back yard in Belgium such as hydrangea and hostas (way too hot in Texas to cultivate them!), instant throw back moment! We saw all kinds of animals: blue aras, rinos, giraffes, flamingos, ring-tailed lemur, a cougar, a sloth, snapping turtles, all kinds of reptiles and frogs, cockroaches(eeww!), we even could pet kangaroos! The kids liked the suspension bridge the best :-). Because I was wearing shoes I don’t regularly wear, both my heels were covered by blisters. That was painful :-S.

After our nice visit to the Zoo, which we all enjoyed so much, we did some grocery shopping for the next day, we wanted to leave early to beat the “eclipse pelgrimage” and be sure we had a good spot to see the eclipse. Philippe had done all the research, he knew exactly were we needed to go. He even had a backup plan!

Back at the hotel, the girls got in the pool. We had some appetizers and a huge dessert and went to bed early to be in perfect shape for the next day!

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