Total solar eclipse – day 2

Saturday August 19th

None of us had had a good night sleep (the mattresses were of bad quality). Breakfast was not super either. Philippe and Tina had a waffle with whipped cream that was not very tasty, Hanna had frosted flakes with sour milk, I had canned fruit which nearly made me barf.

During the long drive the girls were busy drawing in their sketch books. I was so happy they didn’t ask for their iPads but used their imagination instead! They can be so creative if they want to be! We also saw some nice bill boards. One that stuck was “Pickups rock! They also roll! Always buckle up!” Another one said: “Use the rod on your children and save their lives…” What? I couldn’t finish reading the rest of it because I was so shocked! What is wrong with people? Do they really believe that crap? And then they wonder why their kids become violent and get all messed up! Philippe saw it too, so I was not delusional or anything 🙂

We were driving through rural Texas and I was shocked by what I saw. “Trump Country” is real! What an eye opener for me. We live in beautiful Lakeway which voted mostly democratic but wow, that was something different! I can’t even describe it.

The more you drive North, the greener the area gets. The temps are so nice and bearable (92F during the day but a nice 81F after sun down), it was so lovely. Not so lovely were the road works we had to endure! Luckily Google Maps always knows a short cut. Unfortunately there was a major lethal accident involving two 18 wheelers and 6 cars. It must have just happened because we saw 6 police cars driving by, 5 fire trucks and 2 ambulances. This happened as we just passed the state line with Arkansas about 135 miles from Little Rock. We had to wait for 2 hours before the police let us drive on the shoulder and onto a private property. Apparently 18 wheelers don’t have any speed restrictions, they can drive as fast as they want as long as they don’t surpass the speed limits.

We talked about how distracted people get in their cars, how they read/send text messages on their phones, how they do everything but pay attention to the road, that it is sooo dangerous! A good book about that subject is “The Secret Language of Sisters” written by Luanne Rice. Tina and I both read this book and it made a big impression on her.

Anyways, we’d lost almost 2 hours because of that accident and Philippe didn’t want to lose more time for lunch. He wanted to keep driving so we could catch up. Therefore we had a “healthy” lunch in the car: some chips, nachos and snickers! Why do I keep gaining weight?

We crossed the Mississippi River in Memphis, Tennessee. To our left was a huge pyramid, known as Memphis Pyramid.  It is considered as a symbol for the city of Memphis. In 2015 it reopened as a “Bass Pro Megastore” including shopping, a hotel, restaurants, a bowling alley, an archery range and an outdoor observation deck.

On our way to Nashville, as we took I-40, we drove past Brownsville where the one and only Tina Turner Museum is situated. The road between Memphis and Nashville is also called “Music Parkway” because of the rich music history in Memphis, Nashville, and the areas in between them. Memphis is known as “the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll.” Nashville is known as “Music City USA” for its influence on numerous types of music, especially country. We drove past a truck transporting BRP Can-Am ATV’s. So cool to see them in this neck of the woods! How I loved working for that company (although I couldn’t get along with one of my bosses). The range they offered was just amazing!

We finally arrive at our hotel where some yummy treats (popcorn, warm cookies and a Descendants 2 apple) were calling our names :-). The apple was the only healthy nourishment we ate all day!

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