First week of school

Wednesday, August 16th, was the first day of school, both for Hanna and Tina.

Before school starts, for Tina, there is a “school supply drop off” moment. It was on Friday. The same day students also receive their locker combination. Last year Tina tried several times to open her locker but it just wouldn’t cooperate. Philippe tried it once and it opened in a blink of an eye. This year she was not nervous at all and everything went smooth. Even the nurse’s files were up to date! YAY, she’s in!

On Monday Hanna had a “meet the teacher” event. She was wondering who her new teacher might be, what her class would look like and which students/friends from last year would be joining her. For my American friends: in Belgium (most of the time) you have the same friends in your class from 1st till 6th grade. For my Flemish friends: you are very lucky if you have someone from last year in your class! So of course Hanna was very excited to meet her class mates. There is only 1 girl from last year in her class, all the others are new to her.

For both of them, the first day was a blast. For Hanna returning home was not so pleasant. Her bus broke down at school and they had to wait for another one. This took about 30 minutes. In the meantime they had to wait outside in the sun (100F or 40C). She was all sweaty and thirsty. Luckily Thursday and Friday there was no problem.

This first week was over before it even began!

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