Wake me up when today is over…

Today was crazy! I started the day as any other day: woke up happy, did my push ups, had breakfast with the hubby (kids still asleep), took a shower, got ready for work.

At work my boss Anne-Lise told me she was expecting someone for a try out for a couple of hours. As I’m the front of house responsible, A-L wants me to explain everything to the newbies. Once they’re gone, she also wants my opinion.

So today (let’s call her) Dana did her try out. Very friendly girl, mind you. As usual it was quite busy. Dana was very nervous and super stressed so I tried to calm her down by telling her she only had to bring food to the designated tables, no need to stress at all! Y’all have eaten out so you know how it works: every customer gets an order number which they put on their table so we can identify them easily. Dana told A-L she had previous experience so I expected she would know what to do. Basically, it’s easy peasy: as a waiter you read what’s written on the order slip (order is printed on paper slip in the kitchen), take the food, go to the designated table (table number is mentioned on said paper slip), tell the customer what you brought out/what kitchen prepared and give it to the person who ordered the dish. Yeah, you would think that’s easy, right? Well, not so for Dana. She messed up, big time! Poor thing! I don’t know why she was so stressed out but she couldn’t find/see/read the table numbers, gave the wrong order to the wrong customer so the kitchen staff had to remake the order, dropped food on the floor and left it there! Really, I’m telling you… how hard can it be? I had to tell her she had to pick up the food so no one would slip and no accidents would happen!

Every single time I explained her something, she told me how things were done at her previous job. I usually don’t mind but to be honest today I couldn’t care less as it was super busy. I had to answer the phone, buss tables, make all kinds of beverages, serve food, answer customers’ questions,… I really didn’t have time to listen to her stories. The better I serve my customers, the more they tip.

No need to tell you I didn’t recommend her. I’m sorry but we had more work with her “helping out” than if she would not have been there. Luckily I wasn’t the only one coming to this conclusion.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays our dish washer Carlos is off. We (bakery staff) have to do the dishes. On Tuesday I did them, today was Alex’ turn (she’s also a newbie but does a better job than Dana!) Last Tuesday I explained her how the dishes had to be done, how the dishwasher works, where everything needs to be stored, etc. Our patissier, Julien, baked and prepared so much for tomorrow that there was a pile of dishes stacked till the ceiling! Really, no exaggeration! At 4:30pm Alex was still doing dishes. I felt so sorry for her. I don’t want her to quit, I like her, she’s funny and always in a good mood! I like that in people. So I offered to take over if she would finish cleaning the front. I went home at 6:30pm. I texted Philippe I was in desperate need of a margarita! He’d better make sure it was ready by the time I arrived!

Once home, I noticed something in the couch. The girls had been making slime and playing with it. For my Belgian friends: that’s a thing here, every child between 5 and 16 has been making slime! If you want more information and “how to”s, click here. So I notice something white and dare to touch it. For crying out loud, there’s slime stuck in the couch! Arrrrr! Is this for real? Our couch covered in slime? I’m freaking out, I don’t know how to clean up this mess 😦 . I can’t think straight, not after today. Luckily Philippe stays cool (as usual) and knows exactly what to do. The girls get a bucket of lukewarm water with some vinegar in it and have to start rubbing off the slime. Everything seems to come off. Let’s wait what tomorrow brings but I hope for their sakes that all is gone!

I know everyone has his own cross to bear, but really, I was so happy this day finally was over! Thank goodness my music is pulling me through these last hours of the day!

On a last note, today my colleagues told me I can be very intimidating… I’ll take this as a compliment 🙂

Night, y’all!


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